Have you heard of the concept of ‘Soria in 15 minutes’?

This is a concept designed by architect Carlos Moreno, who states, “It is proximity that infuses cities with life”. 

To live in Soria means to live in a city of proximity, of interconnected neighbourhoods where everything a resident needs can be reached within 15-minutes by foot or bike. Did you know that the concept of ‘proximity’ could revolutionize the fight against climate change in cities?

Long distances are the cause of a large portion of carbon emissions into the atmosphere. If we can make it so that members of the community can satisfy all their needs (for work, food, leisure, culture, sports, etc.) without using their vehicles, we will enjoy a much more accessible and healthy city. 

We need to keep this concept in mind while developing strategies for our city’s growth.

Download a map of your area, showing the nearby services:

Soria is a city that is full of possibility, with green spaces, sports, health and educational centres, cultural spaces, and retirement homes, among others.

Let us keep working on building an economy of proximity and infusing all of Soria’s neighbourhoods with life. Let us continue building an accessible, emission-free and equitable city.

We need your involvement! You can make the choice to travel on foot.