The Soria City Council has developed an incentive policy to promote recycling in hospitality establishments. It consists of a 50% discount on waste disposal rates in conjunction with a programme for the recycling of glass and plastic.

This initiative by the Soria City Council is implemented together with Soria’s Hospitality & Tourism Association (ASOHTUR), the Soria Chamber of Commerce, and Ecoembes. The latter is a non-profit organization in charge of recycling lightweight packaging, paper and cardboard in Spain. The incentive policy is directed at approximately 200 establishments, including bars, restaurants and hotels, locally referred to as ‘canal Horeca’. 

During the first phase of this campaign, surveys were carried out at hospitality establishments to find out their light packaging recycling needs. Additionally, valuable information was shared on the environmental, social and economic benefits of this process to urge these establishments to take part in these efforts. Great emphasis was placed in the importance of the correct use of special containers for plastic, tetra packs, steel and aluminium waste only.

In the second phase, garbage cans with wheels and and waste bins were delivered to the establishments that required them. Additionally, special containers (designed with a wider opening for the collection of larger quantities of light packaging) were installed in near those establishments.